Our number one goal is to provide you with an exceptional customer experience. Whether you are looking for an audit, review or compilation for your lenders, investors or internal management team, we have new solutions tailored specifically to the automotive industry. Think of it as the new product line-up. We have redesigned the service delivery of the traditional assurance engagement to have a completely different look and feel. We are governed by the AICPA code of professional conduct and follow the standards promulgated by the various regulatory bodies; so while we are changing the look and feel of the traditional assurance services, you will first and foremost be receiving the highest level of quality governed by our profession.

Our assurance services follow a risk-based approach, not only for financial reporting purposes, but also operationally. With our history working in and around dealerships, we know the challenges that you face every day and will offer you honest feedback about what we observe while working with you.

Finally, we have a highly technical team dedicated to continuously improving the audit process. Using technology to the fullest in our assurance services, we are efficient and effective in our service delivery. We can better hone in on key risk areas and tailor our requests accordingly to cut down on your preparation time for our visits.


VVH is equipped with the resources to service your tax preparation and planning needs. We are up to date with IRS rulings, current and proposed, to make sure you are compliant.

Our team of professionals focus on the needs and necessities of the automobile industry. Looking from an income tax point of view, we can help develop strategies and plans for growth, so that your cash flow can be better used for what your needs are.

We provide our automotive retail dealer clients, with the following tax services:

Income Tax Return Preparation

Just like filing paperwork in a dealership accounting office, filing an income tax return is another necessity if you want to keep selling cars.

Tax Planning and Projections at Year End for Federal and State Income Taxes

We find that our auto dealer clients’ businesses change just about as quickly as the IRS rules and regulations.

Tax Planning for High Net Worth Individuals

Tax planning for high net worth Individuals, like our auto dealer clients, requires an in-depth understanding of the additional types of taxes these individuals are exposed to.

Estate and Gift Tax Planning

A common theme in our practice is effective planning. Life happens and when it does, those that have properly planned will end up far ahead of those who have not.

Representation Before Internal Revenue Service in Tax Examinations

Despite how diligently you may have prepared and filed your annual income tax returns, the prospect of an IRS examination can be daunting to many taxpayers.

Ancillary Tax Calculation Services

Last-In-First Out (LIFO) – Many of our auto dealer clients use the LIFO method of inventory valuation.

Cost Segregation Studies

All of our auto dealer clients that own facilities deal with unique tax issues related to capitalization and depreciation.

Tax Consulting for Mergers and Acquisitions Within the US

Mergers and acquisitions (M&A) are some of the most complex transactions in any industry and of course, with complex transactions come complex tax issues.


Because of our affiliation with Axiom Advisors, LLC, you can benefit from their vast experience in providing services such as:

Axiom Analysis

Our dealer internal audit approach. It applies CSA techniques and treats every dealership as a unique entity.

Axiom 115-Point Inspection

An in depth look at the dealership’s vital signs to examine the operational activity well below the surface of a financial statement.

Budgets, Forecasts & Projections

Offer dealers expertise in the preparation of dealership budgets, forecasts and projections.

Business Plans

What makes Axiom Advisors unique in creating highly effective business plans is our hands-on knowledge of dealership operations.

Buy / Sell Closings

Our advisors have many years of experience consulting on buy/sell closings of all sizes and complexities.

CSA Exceptions Testing

We provide flexible options to meet the specific needs of our clients to provide the best value added return on investment.

Forensic Accounting & Fraud Investigations

Accounting irregularities and more.

General Consulting

Don’t see what you need listed here? Ask us! We are a full service dealership consulting firm.

Litigation Support

We offer a wide variety of litigation support services, from record requests through expert testimony.

Manufacturer Applications

At Axiom Advisors, our role is to minimize or eliminate potential roadblocks in the application process.

Management Psychometric Assessment

Helps determine management’s weaknesses.

Placement Services

Axiom Advisors assists with the transition process of the newly hired individual to ensure a smooth transition.

Opinions of Value

Axiom Advisors provide a timely, cost effective, and truly objective opinion of a dealership’s value.

Monthly Services

No time for a monthly financial review meeting? Let us conduct the meeting for you.

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